About Virginia Zambra

Born in Argentina in the decade of the 60's. Since her childhood she showed excellent degrees in elementary, middle and high school in drawing and art classes, then channeling her vocation and entering at age 15 at the National School of Bellas Artes Manuel Belgrano and at 19 years old she joined the Prilidiano Pueyrredon university located in city of Buenos Aires, graduating 7 years later as art professor of drawing and painting.

She made multiple exhibitions during a 14 years period, highlighting the exclusive Salon Marinista (seascape salon) important part of the Argentinian Navy, which has a very strict selection of artists, as well as exclusive salons of the Argentinian Air Force.

Today, she continues with her art work in the United States of America after 38 years of creations, setting up a balance in her artwork for the viewers to understand, enjoy, and admire, providing on each canvas a distinctive tone of shades and a sensitive emotional charm, as well as a firm belief in the character of her paintings.

From now on, it’s your valuable opinion and your preference to judge, this captivating artist.